Spoontech welcomes: Stratos!

“Originated from the Kartenhoff meteorite, a new unique genetic DNA has been found by The Spoontechnicians. After a series of successful experiments, we have been able to turn it into a human form. While we are still investigating his true powers, we can already say that he is not like anyone or anything we have ever seen before. We are very excited to say that the Spoontechnicians has been expanded with the arrival of Stratos!”

We are proud to say that we have extended the Spoontech family with the arrival of next-gen talent Stratos! From the first moment we got to listen the demos of Gianni Spacht aka. Stratos, we were literally blown away. The first snippets of his tracks strongly reminded us of those of a young Vazard, which was enough reason for us to give Stratos the platform he deserves. Be ready for Stratos his debut E.P. which is dropping very soon!

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