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Together with Dedicated to Hardstyle we hosted a Q&A on their Facebook channel. Fans of Mind Dimension could ask their question(s) through their Facebook channel to Alberto Cataneo (Mind Dimension) which resulted in an interesting topic between artist and fans. We have summed up the most interesting questions and answers so that everybody has a chance to read it again.


Would you be up for a collab with Delete? PS: Your set with Delete at Decibel… BEST SET I’VE EVER WITNESSED.
Of course! Lot of people already asked for that, but the thing is: Delete is now a very big artist, he’s working with the top producers of the scene, so I can just imagine how many artists would like to collab with him. He’s also producing his album now, so I don’t wanna add him more stress, it’s also a matter of respect. Having the chance of remixing one of his tracks it’s already a huge honor for me, and for now it’s enough, time to time!

Best classic Spoontech release?
Mmmmhh, hard one ? maybe Total Stranger by HS Mafia? We had so many good releases that it isn’t easy to choose.

Who is the best producer atm?

On extreme raw, hands down Delete. More in general, Phuture Noize did great things in the last years.


Who is your favorite artist?
Apart from Delete, which is a kind of god for me, I really enjoy Chris One , Clockartz and Phuture Noize. I also had the chance to listen to some tracks from the new Malice album, and there’s some very very cool stuff on it.


How did you came up with the name Mind Dimension?
Hard Bass 2014, my first event in Holland. As i step into the stadium, Gecko (or acti, can’t remember who was opening) was playing “Mind Dimension” remix by Phrantic. While the track was going , i was literally shocked by how big and loved is hardstyle in Holland. So I thought: ok, it’s time to give a twist to my life, within 8-10 years i want to be behind those decks ? So I thought to use the name of the first track ever i heard on a dutch event. I’ve been lucky enough that was actually fitting even with my music concept ?


Where do you find inspiration for your music? Who is your favorite producer in hardstyle now? And who was it when you started listening hardstyle?
Not from the current raw ?? it’s becoming the copy-paste championship . Lately im listening to lot of trap and hip hop, dubstep, industrial and lot of other things. On the last year i focused myself on some themes, and i tried to build tracks around them.


Favorite VST for screeches and them heavy industrial sounds
Tbh i do lot of screeches without vst, by just using samples and editing them . But, i think Serum it’s also very good for that. I think also that for oldschool screeches the easier choice it’s still Sylenth1 . Said that, I’m not the kind of guy who looks everyday for new vst , so there could be also better options. I saw a friend of mine working with Omnisphere and looks very nice, but I haven’t studied it yet


What can we expect from your set at Q-Base?
Haven’t think about it yet to be honest ? but most likely my own stuff plus some non Spoon gems, as most of the artists i normally support are playing aswell


What plugins do you use for your kicks and screeches?
I answered about screeches a few comments earlier. About kicks, i work on samples, not drums generator or stuff like that . Layering -> Eq -> -> Distorsion


When and why did you decide to become a DJ / producer?
I didn’t started with a goal in my mind, like becoming rich or a superstar. For some years i literally just played with FL and VST’s without thinking too much. Then during summer 2014 i talked the first time with Main Concern , who introduced me to Vazard and Delete. They wanted to sign me and started to support my tracks at their events in Holland, so i’d say from that moment on i understood that i would have been busy with this music for some years 😀


How about a new collab with Rooler?
Even if he’s a good friend,a very good producer and i know him since the very beginning, feels like our styles are going on different directions lately . But who knows! If he wants to make some dark stuff he knows he just have to hmu !


Stay raw or fuck genres? Would like to see more industrial. Can we maybe except that you produce industrial HC in the future?
I’d say fuck genres, but I honestly think that the scene isn’t ready yet for the industrial stuff. I’m sure that the Spoontech crowd enjoys it, but they’re not the only one crowd existing eheh 😀
Being an artist means also finding the right balance of what you like and what the business requires. I’m on a big agency, so producing “crowd friendly” tracks is part of the deal to get big stages. Also, when #BadNewscame out I saw a lot of people saying it was my worse release ever. That release was a kind of test for me, to see how ready the scene is for these kind of concepts, aId i think it failed ahah. Said that , it could also be that the track was just not good enough for my standard, and i accept this without problems, as i am a human and i can fail just as everyone else. But i’ve also seen how people react when i play it live, that’s why i think it’s moreover a matter of what they expect when they see a new release ( ? )


Are you planning to move to Holland? Or do you find it too big of a risk?
Not for now . I’m gonna start my 2nd level degree in October and it’s gonna last at least 2 years. As i’m studying Finance and Amsterdam it’s an important financial center , i could consider to move there as i finish my studies to combine the 2 things. Still far to think about that now! Moreover, the thing is, living just by music would stress me too much, i’m not sure i can guarantee the same output level by doing that kind of life, for now.


What about that really experimental track you played at Defqon, will you keep playing it?
Need to fix and finish it as I have the time, that version was very early and unfinished but I still wanted to test it out


Where is the collab with Delete staying?
Unfortunately on my dreams at the moment ?


In which way do you want to establish your image as Mind Dimension in the future and where do you see yourself within a year if you look at the progress you’ve made until now? Moreover, by what manner do you experience the growth and change in atmosphere within your fanbase or do you think nothing changed at all? Next to that, I’d love to hear Wait For You again, could you manage to keep that in mind for your upcoming gig at Dream Village? ? Nice question! About me, i always thought that this scene was missing something, like a group of artists thinking differently and producing different kind of tracks. Lot of artists today like to say that they’re the hardest and roughest , but as i saidbefore, i just see a lot of copy-pasted tracks and a kind of “wanna be uptempo” feeling (i could make some names but i guess you can figure them out by yourself 😀 ). So, after i realized that i was able to create interesting contents, i focused myself on being the best underground act . Being on Spoontech has helped a lot on getting the right exposure, as it’s THE underground label. This could be a very long discussion that i just can’t have there tho, let’s just say that i am happy about how my fanbase is growing, without rush and with the right timing, set after set, release after release.


Favorite pizza?
Mozzarella di Bufala and Salame (called pepperoni by you heretics)


What is the element that makes your tracks unique compared to other producers?
I’d say my approach to kicks! Most of the producers nowadays are full focused on the punch, while i give more attention to the second part of kick, the vibration. The face of people when the bass comes in it’s priceless 😀