Availability may vary due to the fact that Vazard is located in Australia.

“British born, Australian raised, with Holland as his home away from home.”

In 2010 Vazard believed there wasn’t enough quality platforms for artists to release unique and weird music. With this in mind, and together with his partner in crime Delete, Spoontech Records was born.

With the opportunity to share his unique sound, Vazard has brought the Spoontech Family together with iconic tracks such as ‘Zimmersion 2.0’ and ‘Who I Really Am

Vazard & Delete vs Main Concern Loudness

This unique talent of Vazard allows you to identify with his music and not only hear the music, but feel it too. He is passionate about telling a story through his music, which is what sets him apart from the pack.

After playing at many European events he has put his trademark on the scene, appearing at line-ups from events like: Q-BASE, Defqon.1, Decibel Outdoor Festival and Fatality Outdoor. He has hosted intimate Spoontech parties and an unforgettable album launch party, with his debut album ‘Chapters of the Mind’.

Now he is ready to follow the new fire from within, starting with his latest release ‘Return To The Rhythm’. We haven’t seen the last of this mastermind yet!


Vazard's releases
Return To The Rhythm
Absolute Terror
Zimmersion 2.0
Seeker of Fire
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