A fresh combination of old and new, that’s what D-Verze is all about. With big atmospheric productions and diverse, yet cohesive DJ sets, D-Verze has shown the ability to get both smaller and bigger crowds moving.

Rick Veldhuis started the D-Verze project together with former member Jeffrey Hendriksen in 2011. The first D-Verze productions such as “Fear Me” and “Madness” had not gone unnoticed, yet things started to get more serious with “The Cycle”, produced in 2013. Additionally, this track brought the duo in touch with Spoontech Records, who asked them to join forces with Infirium for a guest release on their mini-album “The Punch Patrol”. Happy to work for one of their favorite labels in the scene, D-Verze and Infirium delivered “Disappeared” which was received very well.

D-Verze showed that he is here to stay with gigs at Qapital, Q-Base, Loudfest and Shockerz and releases such as Winds of Change, As One (w/ Stratos) and Identity (w/ Vazard). And now that his album “The Internal” is taking shape, it is clear that the future looks bright.





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