Announcements for 2019

Spoontech 2019

Spoontechnicians, 2018 was an amazing year. We have been looking back what is easy to be called our best year yet! And if we are looking into the new year, we’d like to share some updates about the future of Spoontech Records. Starting off with label manager John Söderström, which has an announcement to make regarding his future within Spoontech Records.

John Söderström
2018, by far the most intense time for Spoontech I’ve experienced during the 4 years I’ve been involved. I feel like we’ve really broken some ground this year thanks to blood, sweat and tears. The year has been special for us as it’s been filled with quite a few milestones, such as:

  • It was the year when we released our first solo-artist album, Chapters of the Mind by Vazard.
  • It was the year when we launched our own artist agency; The Orange Tree Bookings.
  • It was the year when we initiated our collaboration with Q-dance and hosted our own stage at Q-BASE.

The year consisted of so many other things as well that I am proud of. Everything from our artists giving it their all to reach their goals to the management team doing so much hard work behind the scenes to help them. When I took over the label from Vazard, 2 years ago, I had crazy big ambitions. At the same time I promised myself to take small steps and not overdo it, to make sure to not forget about the roots of the label. I hope that you agree with me that we are still on a path that are true to our origins and that you are as happy as I am to see the recognition we’re finally getting.

I still have so much ideas left that I’d like to do, just a lot less time and energy to make them come true. However, I feel like I need to handover the reigns to someone with that same energy and drive as I had 2 years ago when Stewart popped the question. That’s why I’ve decided to leave the role of label manager to Jordy van den Berg, he’s been working within the label for almost a year now and he’s got a passion which is hard to come by. He’s already proven that he’s more than competent for the job and I’m 100% sure he’s the right person for this!

When it comes to The Orange Tree Bookings I’ve also decided to introduce a new face to the agency. Jamie Coremans will be the main point of contact from now on, whereas I will still be managing some things from behind the scenes for a while longer. Jamie is someone which it seems everyone within the scene knows and she’s probably the most social and warmhearted person I’ve met. She will do wonders when it comes to helping the Spoontech artists get all those juicy bookings.

Apart from that Rick & Gijs will remain in the management and keep doing what they do best, managing everything from the Spooncast to mastering. Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put in these past years!

So this is it for me folks, I will now take a big step back and join Vazard in the old men’s couch and just sit back and enjoy following what is happening to the record label we’ll forever keep deep in our hearts. Thank you all for these wonderful years, it’s been such a pleasure!

Jordy van den Berg
For those who haven’t met me in person yet, my name is Jordy. I’m 23 years old, I live in Rotterdam (no, that’s not Amsterdam) and I am a Visual Designer. Well, that’s what my diplomas are telling me basically. I think I can consider myself a sneakerhead (over fifty pairs and counting), ambitious to taste every beer on this planet and I have been actively working within Spoontech and steenwolk as a Digital Designer. People that know me personally for quite a while, know that music is an extremely important part of who I am. For me, music is a universal language that makes you understand people without words. Music makes new lifelong friendships and above all, music creates new unforgettable memories. And when I talk about countless memories, Spoontech had a major contribution to me as a person. My first page within the Spoontech book began six years ago when I discovered the legendary notes of “Let’s get Weird”. I immediately felt connected with this kind of music from the first minute. No other label back then- and nowadays within this community, created this kind of unique excitement within me. With the discovery of names such as Vazard, Main Concern and Delete I found a huge inspiration within their music. But working with those “names” makes you realize there is a humble personality behind each and every name within this label.

From this very day, a brand new book will open for me. A book which I honestly never thought I would be able to open. And actually writing this down, still feels unreal to me as a person. I will be taking over the responsibility from John as being the new label manager of Spoontech Records. I have worked very hard towards this moment during the past months, and now it’s finally time for me to continue the Spoontech legacy!

Before I wrap up my statement, I would like to thank John for being an excellent label manager for the past two years. His passion and vision for this label have made the Spoontech brand in something extraordinary. Without the work that he has put into the label together with Rick and Gijs, we could have never grown so big as a community as we are now. John, time to take place next to uncle Stewart in that old men’s couch and relax for a bit! Besides the changes within Spoontech, I’m also very happy to see that my partner in crime Jamie will be taking over our bookings platform The Orange Tree Booking as the new Bookings Manager!

Dear family, I can’t wait to see what 2019 will bring for us a label. But I can assure you one thing, we are here to stay and that we will never change the way how we define music!

Let’s create new unforgettable memories ❤️